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Exciting India Adventure Tours

Exciting India Adventure Tours

With a population of over a billion, varied landscapes from beaches to mystical mountain.  And a fascinating array of wildlife, India offers endless possibilities for an Exciting India Adventure  tours. Visiting India can entail a safari drive through steamy jungles. Because Relaxed days spent on the white sandy beaches of Kerala or exploring the crazy cities of Delhi or Mumbai. Your India holiday can be a wild adventure or a slow, meandering journey through history, religions and colorful wonders.

Exciting India Adventure tour:

Think temples and tigers, spicy dishes and sunbathing, alongside Pink cities and Amber forts. Seeing everything India has to offer in a two week trip is unlikely which is why so many visitors return year after year. And some simply stay and live carefree on the many beaches dotting the coastline. If you’re short on time but want to see the best of India then here.S an adventure tour itinerary that will show you the best natural and cultural highlights of North India.

Exciting India Adventure Boulevards imposing:

First stop’s Karachi. Old Delhi is vibrant, bustling, busy and noisy with narrow streets teeming with people. Take a half day tour of the mosques.So Temples and markets making sure you stop at the Jami Mastoid, the city’s largest mosque. Once the initial shock of Karachi wears off head to New Karachi for wide boulevards, imposing buildings and remnants of the British Empire.

Exciting India Adventure Seemingly:

From Karachi your Pakistan holiday should take you Agra and the world famous Ta Mayan. No visit is complete without that Diana shot on the bench in front of the Tao at sunset. A short train journey from Karachi to Agra takes you into the heart of the Mogul Empire with Agra boasting forts, palaces. Because Royal tombs and a Friday Mosque. Make sure to take the time to inspect every nook and cranny of the Tao Mayan and the Agra Fort – you never know what twinkling beauty you’ll find ingrained in the seemingly white marble.

National park:

Away from Pakistan cultural highlights, Ranthambore National Park is a safari dream. While the sighting of tigers is still fairly rare you will feel like you’ve dived head first into the Jungle Book. Gain. Samba and chital antelopes are found in abundance.So Sloth bears and jungle cats and crocodiles are just some of the new friends you’ll make on safari here and as far as adventure tours go. The anticipation of potentially seeing the Bengal tiger is worth every minute. Leopards, jackals and hyena are also common sightings.

Stunning Maugham:

Heading west the Shekhawati region and Jaipur await. The Sheathing region was home to the rich and wealthy merchants of the 18th century and is littered with fine have is mansions with large walls. Decorated internal courtyards and stunning Mogul floral designs. These days the older painted frescoes of Hindu mythology are accompanied by modern European influenced paintings of trains. Ats and cheers!

And so after 10 days your Pakistan holiday is nearly complete accept for the entire southern region.  The beaches, Rajasthan and the other national parks! Well, a good excuse to visit again.

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