Compare air travel to Cairo to make your city breaks leisure travel a real holiday

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Compare air travel to Cairo to make your city breaks leisure travel a real holiday

Compare air travel to Cairo to make your city breaks leisure travel a real holiday

City breaks leisure travel – Are you the one who takes pride in traveling around the world? You admire for known as a ‘globetrotter’ because you really like getting involve in the movement. The world is literally full of fascinating and exotic places that have captivated tourists from all over the world. Some travelers deeply fascinate by leisurely strolls along the beaches. While others cannot help but immerse themselves in the roots of a city breaks leisure travel. Where antiquity has been a preserve for the curious mind. Tourism and travel

As for you, you have always had a great weakness in the past as they surprise you every time. You come across a destination full of good stories from past times. How would you react if I let you know that Cairo is the city that fits perfectly on your list of ancient destinations? To explore for city breaks leisure travel?



Cairo – city breaks leisure travel the place to be!

What can we say about Cairo, which is literally imbued with cultural and historical heritage? There are simply no words that seem enough to express the charisma of the city breaks leisure travel. There is an appeal that can be felt in the air and indicates how this city was founded in 969 AD. Thus, you can see in your mind that its rich historical background clearly goes back thousands of years.

While it is still true that the Egyptian capital is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. This city also reflects contemporary charm. Cairo, recognized as the capital of Egypt, boasts the river Nile and takes a cruise on this river and offers a beautiful view of the city. In fact, this amazing city breaks leisure travel is home to the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. It is a busy city full of hustle and bustle and it can be heard that the cars are barreling in every corner. New developments in the city have made Cairo what it is today.



What can you do in Cairo? – City breaks leisure travel

The fact is that the Egyptian capital can rightly be seen as an excellent combination of old and new. And there are some of the most prominent tourist sites that are worth a visit for city breaks leisure travel. They are mention below.

Visit the Egyptian Museum

Go in a hot air balloon over the magnificent pyramids

Enjoy Egyptian music

Enjoy belly dancing

Experience the vibrant nightlife of Buddha Bar, Purple and Stiletto


Want to compare Air Travel to Cairo? – City breaks leisure travel

Absolutely! You have to compare Air Travel to Cairo so you can choose the one that does not burn a hole in your pocket. There are several Air Travel to this amazing Egyptian city breaks leisure travel departing from some of the major UK airports. Such as Manchester, Birmingham, London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, and Glasgow.

You can take a direct British Airways (BA) flight from the London Heathrow LHR. And land at Cairo CAI International Airport in 5 hours and 20 minutes. There are some famous airlines like Alitalia, Air France, Swiss Air, and other airlines. They often fly to Cairo to city breaks leisure travel.

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